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University of Guelph
Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

CLAS1000 25/01/2012 QUIZ - Friday 27/01/2012 consist of short answers, multiple choice *Ch 1-4 Persian Wars Darius and Xerxes (kings) Mythographers • Homer; Iliad, Odyssey • Hesiod; Theogony; works and days • Ionian Philosophers and Hecateur of Miletus – took all the works of myth and tried to find what really happened, the real story • Logographers/logographoi – people whostrote about truth, historians • Herodotus coined the word history, 1 historian in western tradition – developed that if you want to write about things that happened you should ask people who were there, write about events close to your lifetime, Thucydides, Xenophon: Classical historians • Arrian, Polybius, Plutarch: Hellenistic historians Ionia • Settled by the people of Attica • Greek experience great development and scientific discovery • Hecatues of Miletus wants to write real history • Herodotus ca. 484-430 (413) BC takes on Hecatues challenge of writing real history. Mythos vs Historia • Research- questioned Athenians and such • G.M. Trevelyan “the historian needs better boots than better books” – go first hand and look at something • Tyre, Egypt, Scythia, Samos, Athens, Babylon? Travelled extensively • Fehling discredits Herodotus’ claim • Autopsy – self examination, history is better understood when it is self examined • Barbaroi – everyone else referred to as barbarians who were not in the two groups • Greeks felt superior and were racist against other cultures and felt that everyone’s language was barbaric • Didactic (history that is instructed, Herodotus feels that he needs to tweak certain facts to prove something and to show what happened – by him doing that then it is not so much lying) vs chronologically precise: Solon( one of the 7 wise men – delivered the Greeks their constitution and Croesus – they never met in real life but they represent the mixing of their cultures • Croesus ask Solon who is the wealthiest in the world • Cleobis and Biton say they are the happiest and wealthies people on earth – two death Athenians are wealthiest. Young Athenians boys, devoted to their mothers, worked hard, strong, beautiful, noble one day their mom wanted to go to their religious festival but the mule was sick so couldn’t pull the cart. So their sons strap the cart to them and they pull her to the festival. The mom prays to the gods that they will get the best reward so they die in their sleep. Gold-digging ant????? • Locals used large ants to mind for gold according to Herodotus • No one believed Herodotus and thought he was making up • It shouldn’t read ant thought it should mean rodent • In the are where he describes –
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