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Minoans and Mycanaeans

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Classical Studies
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John Walsh

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Bronze Age Greece. Minoans and Mycenaeans Around 3600 BC technological change on Crete - combining of copper and tin to create bronze, good for tools. Exceeded development on mainland. Mycenaean’s conquered Crete Both Minoans and Mycenaean cultures end abruptly - many theories - Dorians dominated Greek peninsula - evidence - cultural shift, shift to worshiping men rather than women, language shift Gap where we’re not sure what happened because no literary evidence -culture declined but iron became popular MYTH OF KING MINONS -Zeus has an affair with a women in Phenesia called Europa. seduces her by disguising as a bull, with her on his back he swan with her to Crete. - the child was Minos, grew up on Crete and wanted to be ruler so he prayed to Poseidon who consented on one condition - he would sacrifice his most prized bull. - Minos attempts to deceive him by sacrificing a lesser bull . Huybris - pride - Poseidon decides to punish Minos through his wife Pasiphae - he made her in love with the bull Minos would not sacrifice. - She gave birth to Minotaur (Mino’s bull) , with
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