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CLAS*1000 Notes: Week 1-7

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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

CLAS1000 11012012 103000 AM INTRO TO ANCIENT GREEKSBalkan Peninsula Influenced the formation of the cultureCentral location that protrudes into the Aegean Sea Directly between trade routes They borrowed and absorbed influences cultural technological from their neighbours Proximity to Italyinfluence spread to the Roman world Benefitted from other cultures ie Babylonians Culture developed within isolationThe Land and the PeopleRomantics argue the landscape influences them as a culture Greeks fall into this Mountainous valleys Isolated within pockets Greek referralmodern phenomenon Traditionally they identified themselves within the polis in which they reside in Others around were vastly different and inferiorSense of Hellenic culture but largely just around the common religionIsolation played to their success but made them incapable of resisting other cultures ie the Romans Franchthi Cave Earliest known through archaeological endeavours Dates to the end of the last ice age 10 000 years ago Neolithic 3000BCo Use of stone tools etco In 3000 BC more advanced cultures such as Mesopotamiao Natural occurring copper mix with tin to make bronze Propelled Greeks into a more technologically advanced societyoGreeks spread the culture through killing others surrounding them th In the 19 Century European explorers set about looking for the stuff they read about in Homer and mythso Arthur Evanstravelled in Crete Found the Palace at Knossosstruck a memoryfor the Bronze age this was a complicated building Suggested a level of civilization above the norm Maze like complexityan ancient greek myth of King Minos was triggered in his mind He interpreted this through his mythological upbringing King Minos The greeks told stories about their pasto They didnt write until 750 BCtold their tales through storieso Zeusking of the gods Reflected the ideal version of a patriarchal greek man Love for women Hard worker Zeus often had affairs with human womeno The notion of abducting women in greek culture was the ideal behaviour of men Showed the role of men within society Patriarchal societyo Christianity would have been believedVirgin Mary with Jesus is believableo Europabeautiful woman o Leda had Helen who set of the Trojan Waro Zeus was a reflection of the society that created him Greek men were great believers in homoerotic relationships Zeus also took male lovers Zeus and Ganymede young boys parents would find close family friends and give their young son into the care of them They would be responsible for the education and how to become a male within Greek societyIn exchange for that the young boy would become the object of the older mans sexual desires Older man would usually be 27ish years old If an older man did not own a younger boy this was weirdo Male anthrocentric culture The male experience and male point of view was dominantZeus and Europa
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