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Lecture 6

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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

Classics Week 6 Death and Orpheus Hades Lord of the UnderworldThe Greeks have an interesting view on deathNegative view towards deaththey saw death in a bleak wayAfter you died your existence was minimal at bestFor the most part the Greeks did not believe in a rosy afterlifeAnticipates why Christianity was attractive and importantoffered an alternative view to their view of deathWhatever inner being spirit they believed in would descend physically to a gloomy realm beneath the earth called HadesHades kept the spirits of the dead trapped beneath the earth guarded by Hades and CerberusHis job was to keep the spirits of the dead away from the livingThe Greeks genuinely feared the spirits of the dead interfering in their lives o Required to provide a coin with the dead person o Met at the river styx by Charon the boat keeper and youd have to pay him to go across into the underworld o See this in the Iliad when Hectors chief concern was his treatmen
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