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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

Classics Week 7 Foundation of Rome ab urbe condita AUCFrom city foundationFrom the date of the founding of the city April 21The origins of Rome lay in a uniquely Greek experience the Trojan WarTheir beginning starts with the end of TroyLaocoon said that the horse spelled the doom of Troy but they did it anywayTry as they might they couldnt kill all of the TrojansWith these survivors Rome startsThey sailed away and escaped the fall of the cityAeneas carries his father Ankeses and his son Askanios nicknamed Juluso Escaped the fall of the city o Leave with a mission in mindAnkeses is not just anyone o As a young man hed been visited by Aphrodite Venus o She slept with him and produced a child named Aeneas o Venus had interfered in the affairs of the Trojan war to protect her son several times o Saved him from Diomedes blessed by the godsLeft the city with a mission o Go forth and found a new Troy o Leaves the northwest of Troy o Carries his father son the Lares and the Panates 2 religious symbols of Troy o Wandered the Mediterranean looking for a good placeWent to North Africa at a city called Carthage o Welcomed by the beautiful Carthiginian queen Dido o Began a beautiful romantic affair with one another o Hera Juno loved the city of Carthage o Knew that Aeneas desire to found a new city would destroy Carthage o Aeneas was faced with a heroic choice he could live with Dido have many children and have a dynastic future or he could fulfill his mission to found a new Troy o Of course he left her and sailed away to fulfill his taskRelationship with the stateRoman idealsLoyal to an unfounded city o Dido is grief stricken summons her sister and asks her to bring everything Aeneas gave her to burn it all o The sister loved it and they set his shit on fire o At that moment Dido sat amongst the things took his sword and stabbed herself in the chest with his sword cursing Aeneas o The curse had particular venom and demanded that there would forever be hatred between her descendants and those of AeneasHistorically true that the Romans and the descendants of Dido hated each other
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