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CLAS 1000
John Walsh

Week 8 Monday March 05 2012 Republic gains an empireSecurity o In general they began to conquer entire italian boot for their own security o Remove potential invaders o Bufferprotective field between them o To conquer north and south of themGallic invasionsItalian consolidationPyrrhus 318272 BC Hellenistic world o Hellenistic king o Descendent of alexanders generalsDivide et imperaExtending the franchise consolidation to the centre of power 4th century BC TarentumGreek world Tarentum southern italyBrought them in contact with hellenistic world Sparta Dorian colonization 8th century PartheniaeGreeks went through period of colonizationPartheniae o Sons of virginsSpartans had a man power shortage and sent home all the young soliders to Sparta to impregnate all the unmarried virgins in Sparta to breed more soldiers PyrrhusTarentum was connected to GreeceThe Greeks appealled for help to their historic founders the greek worldHe involves himself with roman world Helped preserve freedom of the Greek people in south ItalyInspired by his trip to Delphic Oracleo Said it was a good idea to fight with RomansFirst to use elephants in warfare Hieronymus of Cardia 73History is entirely lostLost 7000 men in battle to 3000 of Pyrrhus Dionysius of Halicarnassus 1513They lost 15000 men to 13 000 of Pyrrhus One more such victory and we shall be undoneAfter 3rd victory Pyrrhus was noted to declare this quoteKey strengths of romansEven by beating them in battlefield there was no success in victoryTwo things to note about Romans 1 Relentless ability to remain strong on battlefield
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