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Lecture 3

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Classical Studies
CLAS 3010
Andrew Sherwood

ImperiumIus Auxlii Caudine ForksLaetus Regillus 4999693 LucaniaAger Publicus Veii ThurilComitiaae Maniples CenturiesPyrrhusConcilium SamnitesTota Italia 272SecessioCapao 6kC Maraus RutiliusTarenturmCannae 216SociusciiImperium the power conferred to magistrates gives them ability to do whatever they want within their rankConsuls are most important Preators given type of Imperium control over everything but the ConsulsState Religion holders of imperium can take the Auspices gives them power to interfere in everything though not religious officialsgives them power over other states outside of Italy and individuals in all thous statespower to lead armed forces legions and auxiliariesconvene courts of law and act as magistrate in those courtsgives them right
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