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Lecture 4

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Classical Studies
CLAS 3020
Andrew Sherwood

CLAS 3020 Lecture 4 9/13/2013 12:24:00 PM - Parmenio (one of Phillips best generals) has Philotas and D - D marries Attalos, brother to Hippostatos - Hippostatos wife D gives birth to Cleopatra-Eurydike - Olympias is married to Philip II and they have Cleopatra and Alexander III - Philip also marries Philinna and they have Arrhidaeus (Philip III) - Leonidas - Lysimachos - Aristotle - Hermeias of Atarneus - Pixodaros of Caria - Antipater __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Olympias is very unhappy with Philip - Alexander and Philip get along extremely well up until Alex becomes a teenager (from the sources we know) - Alexander has a reputation of not being a womanizer - the most famous episode of Philip and Alexander involved Bucephalus, told explicitly that Philip didn‟t resent this but was proud of his son - the teachers or Alexander are Leonidas (after Olympias, the most important instructor to Alexander [kinsman to Olympias]), Aristotle and Lysimachos (called himself Phoenix, plays upon the family history of Achilles [in Olympia‟s camp]) - Lysimachos builds up Alexander‟s concept of his “arête”, what makes you great (excellence in you) - come from reading and discussing the Iliad and other Homeric heroes - our sources show us that Alexander was trying to imitate Achilles - in 343 (13 years old), Philip has Aristotle brought to Pella and gives Alexander into the hands of Aristotle (political, courtly and intellectual reasons) - for 2 years Aristotle has complete control of Alexander and takes him to Macedonians West - in order to focus on his studies and takes away a sense he‟s special and to get him away from Olympias‟s control - for the most part we don‟t know a lot about what Aristotle teaches him but from Alexander‟s results we have an idea  on his Persian expedition he takes philosophers and scientists (to help understand the lands and other people and send samples back to Aristotle in Macedonia)  he writes personal letters to officers about how officers should treat wounded soldiers (educated in the healing part of fighting)  Alexander is raised to love Greek literature (equivalent to the bible for western culture) - Aristotle introduced Alexander to the works of Euripides, Pindar (Alexander‟s appreciation of poetry makes him keep Pindar‟s house standing while the rest of Thebes is burned to the ground) - Politically Aristotle tries to convince Alex to follow the Greek city-state mentality for himself - Aristotle says theses inferior barbarians should always have a master, but they are too primitive to run their own things, however Alexander improves and tames the lives of the „barbarians‟ - he brings Greek literature to Persia and the East to help educate them in Greek ways (even brought in new gods) - he is trying to create a new civilization to blend and improve everyone (Aristotle feels it‟s a total waste of time) - around 340 BC, this is when Aristotle surrenders Alexander to Philip - at 16 years old Alexander becomes regent while Philip is away, Antipater advises Alexander -
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