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Lecture 5

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University of Guelph
Classical Studies
CLAS 3020
Andrew Sherwood

CLAS 2030 Lecture 5 9/16/2013 12:30:00 PM Antipater Lyncestrian Dynasty Attalos Thebes Hoplite vs. Peltast – hoplite is classical heavy infantry, under the Macedonians they lighten the foot soldiers equipment (thought to be closer to classical peltast) Sarissa – larger spears, back phalanx spears can reach to the front row Perdiccas- leads tribesmen Tyre – in Lebanon Oxus – in Bactria, a river Gordion – gordion knot, whoever loosens the knot will rule Asia Gaza Porus – an Indian prince/king who fights at the Hyphasis river, becomes a client king Hetairos/roi - male companions, calls his elite cavalry this Pezetairos/roi – foot soldier, “foot-companion”, infantry Hypaspistai – special type of shield for light armed infantry Somatophylaxes – special group of 7 men who are the elite body guard of Alexander (later becomes 8), have a shot at becoming king Lyncestian + Orestis – two tribes in the north Seleucus Ptolemy Lysimachus Non-Macedonians in high places, trusted by Alexander Demaratos of Conrinth Erigyios of Mytilene Laomedon Coenus Nearchos of Crete _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ - the succession of Alexander goes without a hitch - b/c everything went too smoothly it raised suspicion of Alexander and Olympias - Alexander acts right away and sees potential rivals, executes 2 of them (instigating Palcaneous who killed his father) - the 3 rdhappens to be the son in law to Antipater, swears allegiance to Alexander - he acts to remove a former royal family, assassinated a potential contender - the other major problem bothering Alexander is Attalos - tells us Attalos goes to Athens, always a chance the ordinary people will make a stab at breaking away - Attalos is very popular and comes from a noble family, so arranges for his assassination (seems to have worked through Parmenio) - this was preliminary, get rid of the immediate problems but there are always other problems - Alexander’s Macedonian advisors told him to give up Greece completely (Philip crushed the army but not their spirit) in order to consolidate Macedonia - Alexander is not known for taking advice, took off to establish the security of his kingdom in rash, striking ways - Pushes up north into Illyria and Thrace up to the Danube to stop revolts, then south to Thebes in Boeotia to stop revolts with the Athenians - * trouble in the kingdom upon succession, happens over and over again - Alexander’s advisors (same Philip had) are older conservative men, advising him to be defensive with caution and care - a tactic used throughout his campaigns is that he marches far faster than people are ready for him nd - at the 2 week after northern fighting he breaches the wall of Thebes, takes a delegate from all cities and they make a joint decision - decision is to burn it dow
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