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Lecture 6

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Classical Studies
CLAS 3020
Andrew Sherwood

CLAS 3020 Lecture 6 9182013 122000 PM Oxus Tyre GordionPorosBatisHypaspistai Demaratos Erigyios Laomedan Coenus Cleanderbrother to Coenus Perdiecas Hephaestion Craterus Seleucus Ptolemy Agrianes Eumenes of Cardiamost important nonMacedonian to fight with Philip and AlexanderAlexander was looked to for his characterpersonality known about in modern times people still remember him over others he leads by example so he takes a lot of risks within his forces he builds moral superiority under his leadership nothing can stand against him the effect of this is 3040000 men Alexander is able to conquer much of the Eastern Empire does something almost impossible to envision he is unstoppable one instance at Tyre Alexander almost fails
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