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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
CLAS 3020
Andrew Sherwood

CLAS 3020 Lecture 8 9232013 123100 PMSatrapgovernor of a province satrapy in the Persian empireNomarchofficial in charge of big region in Egypt a nomCleomenes of NaucratisNaucratis west branch of Nile delta Greek trading institution BasileusHegemonwhen Alexander conquers Persia he becomes the King of Persia and doesnt use hegemon as muchMazaeus Persian satrap of Babylon Amphipolismajor colony by all of the Greek city states at the bottom of the StrymonTarnbankerscholar research on alexander the great foundation text on Alexander the great Droysencame up with the term HellenisticBosworthAlexander scholarAlexander and Governmentwhen Alexander took Sardis he did something unexpectedhe frees them and allows them to use their own traditional laws what he changes is sticks brother of Parmenio in as new governing satrap Macedonian also leaves a small Macedonian garrison with the new satrap also leaves Greek Nicanor is left responsible for collecting tributehe changes hardly anything only wants to replace Persian government with himself looked at the Persian system and sees that it works well on its own in Caria he puts exiled Queen Ada into her brothers spot he puts a local queen back on the throne this means he now has someone loyal to him in power at that province
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