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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1250
Linda Hunter

Agile Software DevelopmentIterative Software Development1Iterative and incremental development 1Iterative means repetitive 2Incremental means to add on2Requirements and solutions evolve through collaborative teamsReaction to previous methods A response to the heavy weight nonagile methods such as WaterfallIts creators suggest that it is a return to software development methodologies from earlier Agile ValuesThe developers of this method came up with 4 main valuesoIndividuals and interactions over process and toolsYou want people to be involved more during the development oWorking software over comprehensive documentThe code is more important and you can look at the code to figure out how the system worksIts between working software vs writing code and the software is more importantoCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationWe want the customer to be involved at all times especially during the development process and its more important than to negotiate all of the possible options before development Its negative point is that customers tend to change their mindsoResponding to Change over following a planIf there is a mistake in the plan you should try to address the issuesIt is more important to fix the plan to a more correct solution than to follow it
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