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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1250
Linda Hunter

Monday September 17 2012Design in General and in Software Part II2 Main Ideas1Rational The thinking part of designiOne bug step2Empiricism you cant design by just thinking stuff not everything can be setup all at the same time you need some way of building the iA bunch of small stepUser and Use modelsWhat we know about the users and what they are going to do How the users will use the software and how technical they are It is helpful when you think about the problem oHelps make assumptions about the useroWill it be helpful or notWhat are they going to use it forWhat if there is no user informationAsk othersAssume something that you think they may be likeeg they are technically ableoIts better than having no guesses about the useroIts better than nothing A poor assumption is better than noneAssume that they have the lowest knowledgeBudgeted Resources
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