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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1250
Linda Hunter

Requirements AnalysisHow do you gather requirementsStakeholdersThe people that you have to talk to and that will be involved in system What do they want to do It is to figure what you really need to do It is the people who will influence the requirementsIt is the Users Managers and People who develop and maintain the system External bodies that regulate the system It can be used for any purchase Requirements DocumentAn official statement that contains all the required requirementsIt is meant for the users and developersSize of document depends on the contents It has different names such asoFunctional specificationoRequirements definition oSoftware Requirements Specification SRSoSafety reliability planHow should a requirements document be written Easy to understand for the people who are going to be using this documentWe have to write in the language of the sourceNatural language Dont try to be funny or vernacular The requirements gathering process
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