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Crop Science
CROP 3300
Gary Bauman

CROP 3300*GRAIN CROPS CEREAL GRAINS I. WHEAT -exports 75% of annual production -wheat and rye (contain gluten) are used to make leavened breads -latitude and environment contribute to both quality and protein aspects of product →applies particularly to western Canada as its short, cool nights and long sunny days are ideal for cereal growth -3 western provinces are chief producers II. DURUM WHEAT -has an amber yellow endosperm (semolina is produced) -superior flavour and cooking qualities for production of pasta and couscous -well suited to a dry climate, esp. that of western Canada III. SPELT WHEAT -ancient wheat, staple grain in Ethiopia -top selling organic and health food esp. for allergies and pasta IV. TRITICALE -hybrid between wheat and rye -preforms well where wheat struggles (cold soils) -globally a livestock feed -domestic use in Mexican food production; tortillas etc. -Poland, Germany, China and France account for 90% of world’s supply -used as a rotation crop in western Canada as it survives winter better than wheat V. BARLEY -livestock feed -well suited to praries -pearled/polished barley is food grade, used in baby food and some cereals MALTING BARLEY -high quality barley with characteristics to produce good malt fo
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