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Sailing to Byzantium

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University of Guelph
ENGL 1080
Maria Broser

Sailing to Byzantium - The speaker is an old man who is very aware of the fact that he is aging, and is accepting his mortality. - He is in the present time but he does not like the world as it is anymore. - He feels distant from the scene he is describing and he explains how the younger generations are "caught" in their own pleasure and have no idea of what lies ahead. - He is almost moving away from his importance, and the physical mortal world is also diminishing as well as his value inside it. - He retreats from the mortal world and he goes to a place where he believes he is going to find immortality. He is looking for permanence which is not in the present world, so he goes into the past. - He understands that the soul is linked to immortality and that is what he seeks. - He wants to leave his physical self behind and transcend into immortal existence. - Emotional plea from the speaker. He has a physical body and heart but he rejects it. It does not give him freedom, he feels contained and he wants to break free. - He is calling to those figures in the golden mosaic for them to com
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