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An Overview of the Tempest

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University of Guelph
ENGL 1080
Maria Broser

An Overview of The Tempest  A tragic comedy. Has the potential to be a comedy, or a tragedy.  A plot that has tragic implications but these are ALWAYS avoided. A catastrophe that seems about to take place, but somehow the tragedy is averted.  We also have a love story which has a potential for tragedy. Due to the intervention of her father, the love may never be realized due to the obstacle he places in the way.  Interference with things like spirits (Ariel) etc.  Conspiracy, murder plots, treachery, revenge.  Prospero is able to assume power, he is the ruler of the island. He is abusive, unsympathetic towards those especially Caliban. Verbally abuses him, using terms to degrade him.  Ariel is an important instrument that he uses to continue ruling and upgrades his intellectual development.  Prospero is very angry that Ariel would approach him in that way and ask for his freedom.  Prospero also "rules" Caliban who is a very problematic character. Prospero physically abuses him and Caliban fears his master and his anger.  Miranda treats Caliban in the same sense, she mimics her father Prospero. Despite her goodness and moral virtues, she is a woman who is nasty and brutal towards them. Like father like daughter. She
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