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Lecture Jan.25th

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University of Guelph
ENGL 1080
Maria Broser

Medieval period 12001500The Ballada product of commoners illiterate peoplea different view from the educated peoplemembers of the clergy were educatedwrote about religionvalues such as chivalry the world of knights etcEach ballad created by one individual but we have no indication of who those writers werethere are a number of versions of the same balladballad was sung singers reproduce the ballad on paperA traditional ballad deals with a variety of balladtypically about men and womensometimes kings and queensdeal with specific themes ie love betrayal murder deception disastersform of entertainmenta kind of literature that has something in common with todays popular fictionappealed to a number of individuals in their societythe opinions and attitudes are conveyed is implied in the balladan important social documentsinsight to medieval men and womenhow they viewed their existance and the world around themcommon featuresuse of formulaic or stock phrasesthe same descriptions or phrases used over and over again in different ballancesused to maintain rhyme used as an aid to memorykeep the focus on the action the narrative itselfrepetitionwords and phrases being repeatedconveys emotionrhythmical patternsuspencesinger supplying ideas words that he has forgotten from the original balladincremental repetitiona phrase or line sometimes a whole stanza repeated with minor changesalso creates sespence
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