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Lecture Jan.23th

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University of Guelph
ENGL 1080
Maria Broser

See close reading examplefound on CourseLinkDo not summarizedo not simply look for poetic deviceswork your way through the poem line by line not in a mechanical wayexplicate whole poembe detailed and as thorough as possiblereader should be able to follow ideas without poem in front of himherquotes lines or parts of linesoffer textual evidence for the statements that you madeno thesis to develop in paperintro in one or two sentencesintroduce the poet and title of poemsuggest what the subject of poem is or the thememove right into the poemoffer an explication of each linedo not use a 5 paragraph structureHand in close reading assignment on Monday January 30th if you need the weekend to look over your inclass writing assignmentSir Gawain and the Green KnightGreen Knightrudechallenges them to accept his challenge by mentioning braverywhen he looks around he sees a group of cowardsimplication is that reputation has to be based on real detailswhen no one meets his challenge hebelittles them uses sarcasm insults themthe king responds as a courteous hospitable hostGawain steps in and accepts challengeGawain is introduced to us through his words thoughts and behaviourhe intervenes courteously and respectivelysomeone who is very respectful towards the Kingwe can see that he is Humble and Modestexplains himself as weakest and youngestmost expendableshows modesty in suggesting that he doesnt have the virtues and attributeshe must prove himself as all of the other knights didonly reason why he has any stature is because he is king Arthurs nephew
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