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ENGL 1200

Dreamworlds Movie Discussion1242011 82700 AM These stories show what is real for society Not enough diversity in the music videos monoculture Women being seen as money Lack of creativity same story over and overMasculinity and Control Janet JacksonJT cry me a river shows stalking and obsession women tied pursued male domination cagedin the dream world women never say no violence takes on an erotic qualitywhat is the effect on real people Central park incident 2001 martigraw festival line between fantasy and reality is blurredFilm How we use the words sex and gender We learn gendered behavior from stories and culture Nothing is automatically normal in gender relations Gendered relations re socially confined and constructed Any culture must work to maintain existing gender relations How does monoculture apply here Not enough diversity of perspectives on gender One perspective on women Melodrama there are 3 male gazes that are aligned Directorman Protagonistman Male spectator These 3 align and dictate what we identify with Sadistic gaze objectifies the female body and fragments it into pieces The fantasy is to punish womenThe issue with this objectification and gazeit leaves out all other spectators Commercial pressures pink videos online response to this problemsnormalization of violence birth of a nation movie1
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