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ENGL 1200

Independent Film and Hybrid Realities1999 Ghost Dog The Way of the Samurai Production Companies JVC Le Studio Canaland Bac Films present in association with Pandora Film ARDDegeto Film a Plywood production Producers Richard Guay and Jarmusch DirectorWriter Jarmusch Editor Jay Rabinowitz Cinematography Robby Muller Music RZA Cast Forest Whitaker Ghost Dog John Tormey Louie Bonacelli Isaach de Bankol Raymond Camille Winbush Pearline Cliff Gorman Sonny Valerio Tricia Vessey Louise Vargo Victor Argo Vinny Gene Ruffini Old Consigliere Richard Portnow Handsome Frank 116 minutescolorSee the orientation questions below on both the film and the two essays check out the online links relating to the music of RZA see Cynthia Fuchs review and see how your interpretation compares with hers anything that you take from another culture that goes into your heart or your soul part of it becomes part of you East Meets West 205 This line really encapsulates Jarmuschs attitude to life Can you think of things that you have consciously or perhaps unconsciously taken from another culture that you value in this way Refer to The World of Ghost Dog by Pulver and Pythyon for all kinds of contextual explanations 1 The opening few minutes of a film set the tone which determines the spectators expectations as to what genre the film belongs to How would you describe your reaction to the opening of Ghost Dog Is it easy to know whether this is a gangstercops and robbers film a psychological drama etc Why or why not How do the excerpts from Hagakure relate to the visuals and Ghost Dogs actions How does the first excerpt relate to the high power weapons in Ghost Dogs room and to his actions 2 Describe the setting how is the city represented Are these the types of neighborhoods you see in most films 3 Record your first impressions of the protagonists character Is he likeable What about him do you find interesting disturbing reassuring bizarre etc 4 How would you describe the pacetempo of the film in comparison to blockbuster films Is the difference annoying or pleasing why
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