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The Rape of the Lock

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ENGL 1410
Lee Baxter

The Rape of the Lock An HeroiComical PoemAlexander PopePart 1 WHAT dire Offence from amrous Causes springs mocking everyone What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things I singThis Verse to C Muse is due muse is inspiration Belinda is another name for arrabella This evn Belinda may vouchfafe to view Slight is the Subject but not so the Praise arrabella is dreaming in her roomshe is a socialite shes showing a falseIf She inspire and He approve my LaysSay what strange Motive Goddess coud compel hood not realmakeup is her veil narcissistic tendency worshiping herselfA wellbred Lord tassault a gentle BellendOh say what stranger Cause yet unexplordin 2 canto talking about baron tokens ofCoud make a gentle Belle reject a Lord Past lovehe is worshiping a woman should he be doing this or worshiping godby saying he is worshiping the woman it is a profanity shouldnt be doing that sex isnt openly talked aboutAnd dwells such Rage in softest Bosoms thenAnd lodge such daring Souls in Little Men rape can mean steal take someone hostage Sol thro white Curtains shot a timrous Rayshe has to guard her reputation rd3 cantoepic warfare playing game of And opd those Eyes that must eclipse the Daycards card game like a game of war ultimate prize she is playing for her honor and he is playing for herthNow Lapdogs give themselves the rowzing Shake4 cantolines 3134 shes pretending to be sick bc she wants to get out of it if she loses her honor is at stake baron will take her honor rumorsgossip will spread at court no longer part of that elitegossip has already started she needs to be careful so it wont continuethAnd sleepless Lovers just at Twelve awake5 cantoClarissashowing whether your fake or real and you turn down a marriage proposal you deserve to die alone lines 8288 arguing over a sniff box showing how the civilizedelites can be brought down and look ridiculous no different than ordinary ppl showing that they are likechildren making them realThrice rung the Bell the Slipper knockd the Ground And the pressd Watch returnd a silver Sound Belinda still her downy Pillow prestHer Guardian Sylph prolongd the balmy Rest Twas he had summond to her silent Bed The MorningDream that hoverd oer her Head A Youth more glittring than a Birthnight Beau That evn in Slumber causd her Cheek to glow Seemd to her Ear his winning Lips to lay And thus in Whispers said or seemd to sayFairest of Mortals thou distinguishd Care Of thousand bright Inhabitants of Air If eer one Vision touchd thy infant Thought Of all the Nurse and all the Priest have taught Of airy Elves by Moonlight Shadows seen The silver Token and the circled Green Or Virgins visited by AngelPowrs With Golden Crowns and Wreaths of heavnly Flowers Hear and believe thy own Importance know Nor bound thy narrow Views to Things below Some secret Truths from Learned Pride conceald To Maids alone and Children are reveald What tho no Credit doubting Wits may give The Fair and Innocent shall still believe Know then unnumbered Spirits round thee fly The light Militia of the lower Sky These tho unseen are ever on the Wing Hang oer the Box and hover round the Ring Think what an Equipage thou hast in Air And view with scorn Two Pages and a Chair As now your own our Beings were of old And once inclosd in Womans beauteous Mold Thence by a soft Transition we repair From earthly Vehicles to these of Air Think not when Womans transient Breath is fled That all her Vanities at once are dead Succeeding Vanities she still regards And tho she plays no more oerlooks the Cards Her Joy in gilded Chariots when alive And Love of Ombre after Death survive For when the Fair in all their Pride expire To their first Elements the Souls retire The Sprights of fiery Termagants in Flame Mount up and take a Salamanders Name Soft yielding Minds to Water glide away And sip with Nymphs their Elemental TeaThe graver Prude sinks downward to a Gnome In search of Mischief still on Earth to roam The light Coquettes in Sylphs aloft repair
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