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The Miller's Tale

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ENGL 1410
Lee Baxter

The Millers Tale Alisons PositioningNicholass trickery Does this tale have any moralityMisogyny John and Alisondescribes her as young and wild only 18 he keeps her close Jalous he was and heeld hire narwe in cage keeps her caged up and thinks if he does this he wont be cheated on misogyny is everywhere in this period no womens rights Nicholas and Alisonhe wants her to be with him but she saiys no at first but then says As clerkes ben ful subtile and ful queyntethat they need to wait he kisses her though And prively he caughte hire by the queynte queynte is mideival word for cunt grabs her here And she sproong as a colt dooth in the trave she feels trapped she said that theyshould wait but he just goes for itshes being described as an animal colt Why lat be quod she lat be nicholasOr I wol crieout harrowandallas saying that he is being too forward wants Do wey youre handes for youre curteisyehim to get off her after this hes pretending to be sensitive but it is a faade That she hir love hym graunted atte laste ironic joke after 3 lines she says at last shell let him have sex wher both are bad people john is kee
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