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Nov. 28 Lecture

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ENGL 2740

November 28 2011 Lecture Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat analyzing in terms of: -Mieke ball's principals of characterization, applied to both visual and verbal material: repetition, accumulation, relations, transformations -philip pullman's notion of "counterpoint" (visual-verbal relationship) -in additions to some of the principles we have discussed earlier in the semester such as… -layout and visual framing -page turns -used to build suspense -"pushes" us to the next page -our questions are not answered -"bang" when cat enters the house -"gaps" -perspective and p.o.v -visual nonsense in terms of perspective Page 34-35 -symmetry between the two pages, not perfect though -blue floor means something -colour of outdoors -thing one and two have both red and blue colours -when the fish is in the frame there is simple frame, no action movements or craziness -shake hands to meet -normal in society -text in page -fish says "no you should not be here…" -this would not be assumed w/o this text -disharmony between verbal and visual -they had to act in these socially acceptable ways -sense form the text that there is something wrong however in picture they look happy Page 36-37 -fish is authority figure yet he is so small and can be picked up -the word "tame" -children -fish is a humanoid -blur between human and animal -children are not tame but rather more well mannered -we associate the word tame with animals not humans -nonsense -fish bowl does not have water -in reality he would be dead w/o it Page (thing is flying kite in bedroom with gown and bed) -sense that the mother is placed in the household -in her room -her dress -no father figure -strait lines -ki
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