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ENGL 2880
Sandra Singer

Ballad Stanza4 line stanza quatrain abcb rhyme scheme variation in line lengthusually tetrameter 8 syllable and trimester 6 syllableBlank VerseDoesnt rhyme doesnt have any specific rules generally has 10 syllables per line and mimics natural speech Della CruscansCollaboration between English and Italian poets Have high sensibility excessive emotional flowery and suggestively erotic DissenterNonconformist protestant Christians who refused to take the sacrament according to the Church of England Known for radical politics and excellent educational institutions Double dissenterTerm used to describe Anna Letitia Barabuld and describes the oppression of her on 2 fronts religious and gender Gynocriticism Literary focus on the styles themes history and writing of women Addresses political issues like how did women get access to publishing and education Also asks questions like is there a female style HoidenHoyden A rude illbred girl boisterous inelegent and noisy MoodIs affected by the tone and atmosphere of the book ToneAttitude the author takes towards the reader could be sarcastic confessional etc could have an affect on the mood of the book AtmosphereGeneral feeling created in the reader and is generated primarily by setting text and interactions of characters Could have an affect on mood OdePoem form that promotes an exalted style and also written to praise something Sesta Rima6 line stanza rhyme is ABABCC SublimeIs masculine and associated with powerful emotions vastness brightness loudness landscapes suddenness pain The sublime had a privileged position over the beautiful and is in reference of Edward Burke 1757 BeautifulIs feminine and associated with the small delicate innocent virtuous graceful elegant and sweet Richard PolwhelePoem The Unsexd Females which is basically masculine females who defy Gods laws for women are evil not modest and are evil hanging with EveSpecifically points of women like Mary Wollstonecraft and Anna Letitia Barbauld nces strong AutonarrationMixhybrid of autobiography and narration Mix of public autobiography and private fiction which is characteristic of romanticism Yet women werent supposed to tell their own stories Critiques the ideology located within a fictional rewriting of personal experience The text is unendingThe fact that fiction is partly true authorizes Hays and implicates the reader rdProtagonist is both the 3person character as well as a projection of the writers ego British RomanticismEmphasis on subjective experience imagination the individual and everyday language Reaction against restraint and reason Interest in childhood and primitive as well as high value of nature as mystical and sublime Women are mocked for their sensibility and urged towards reason Epistolary NovelA novel written partially or completely of letters or other texts Letters can act as a bridge between characters and add authenticity to the novel Also gives inner most thoughts and feelings of the character as well as idea of writing in the moment heightens immediacy Look at letters effect on time and space in the extended novel Also looks at the psychological aspect of physical distance and waiting period Staticpassive and just reports facts and an inside view Dynamic Active and act as a forward moving of the narration In Emma Courtney the private form of the letters allows us to see more of the characters it is very important for us to hear Emmas point of view the letters significantly move the plot along eg Emmas cousin writes and she moves to LondonEpistolaryLetters are used to create meaning Also considers what structures and styles are inherent to the letter form and the meanings they construct How does the use of the letter tell the storyFrame storyA narrative which encloses another narrative Used to enable flashbacks or organize time Idea of a sandwhich or club sandwhich Jacobin NovelDocument of characters failures characters are formed by circumstances education and training Error and failure are instructive Rational inquiry causes the change in people Form of the novel is reflective and even though it is painful to recollect it is helpful Distinctly political Man of FeelingSensibilitys new masculine ideal Gets rid of the traditional masculinity and the idea of reason into the mans feelings and new sympathy for the under trodden MetafictionFiction about fiction and calls attention to the levels of linguistic complexity Highlights the role of the author in creating the fiction and highlights the role of the reader in receiving the fiction PriapusThe ancient Greek God of fertility also male genitalia
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