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Lecture Sept.10/12

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ENGL 3020
Andrew Bretz

Lecture #1 Monday, September 10 2012h Christopher Marlowe -son of a shoemaker, went to school, was a good student, got scholarships -B.A from Cambridge at 20, M.A at 23 -Ovid Amores – love poems verging on erotica -play Dido queen of carthage -Cambridge was only open for certain religions, they suspected he was different -deny his degree of M.A -Marlowe was given a letter to let Cambridge give him his degree b/c he has been working for the queen -what was he doing? We are not sure -1592-arrested in Flushing passing counterfeit coins -spy? -Thomas KYD -denounces Marlowe, his roommate as an atheist -atheism was a capital crime at this time 1593 -marlowe was stabbed in a bar fight “just over the eye” -his death was a politically motivated murder?? – most likely -all ppl present at the fight had connections to the higher privy council -Ingram Frasier the killer?? -hit gone bad, turning it into a hit on him? -Tamburlaine the Great – his first play -if he would have died before any other plays/black
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