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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

st Monday Jan. 21 2013 Lecture Notes The sound and the fury Narrative Techniques -three first-person narrators and one omniscient narrator -use of language -experience of time First person narrators -Benjy Compson -Quentin Compson (male) -Jason Compson -they are brothers -there are familial lineages /heritages -the individual is linked with the family biologically and through their names Benjy -stream of conciseness techniques -as communicated through -pronouns -parataxis -moments when it is really helpful to know the term -a sequence of simple clauses or sentences without expression of connections or casual relations -(syntx – sentence structure, conjunctions – joining clauses, simple sentences vs. complex sentences) -time -time works non-linearly for benjy -by association (an action a sensation, a word, etc.) -slipping from one period of time to another -synthesia -hypotaxis/hypotactic style -connections (temporal, casual, logical, etc.) among clauses or sentences explained by conjunctions (when, because, so, in order to, if this… then that, etc.) or by subordinate phrases and clauses Time Scheme In Section 1 -present: april 7 1928 -furthest past: playing in branch, Damuddy’s death-c.1900 -recent past: ride to cemetery with TP -further pasts: Caddy coming from school just before xmas; Maury’s affair; Caddy’s wedding day; after Caddy gone; B Castrated; Qf and Luster babies Synesthesia -synesthesia (46; cf. Qm 110) “my hands saw it” –synthetic experience -pain of being hit is experiences as “bright, whirling shapes” (34) -smelling death – it” (22) –and Caddy’s sexuality (when she does and doesn’t small like leaves and trees -Benjy understands by small (see Dilsey’s comment pg. 56) Lecture Notes Wed. Jan. 23 2013 N.B  stands for take a special note C.F  compare N.B. accuracy (&beauty) of Benjy’s images e.g. “matted honeysuckle not yet in bloom” (196) “the curling flower spaces” (3) -“the top of the water” (he is referring to ice) (9) -image vs. symbols -can be both at the same time -reliable vs. unreliable narrator -Benjy as a reliable narrator -Re: faulkner telling students that the stream-of-consciousness was not difficult to write “not once I understood Benjy and understood the story. It was very simple, very easy.” (Faulkner at Virginia website) Quentin’s Stream of Consciousness -pronouns -“I” encompasses “he”, “she”, “we”, “you” (partly because of lack of quotation marks for direct speech)
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