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University of Guelph
ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

Lecture Monday Feb. 4 th History in the America Play -black bodies and voices bring attention to “the great hole of history” by speaking from within that position -black figures appropriating theme park, exhibition space pageant of history -black appropriation of iconic historical moment -visibility of Lincoln versus invisibility if African Americans in the anti- slavery struggle -up to including Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln -notions of historical “fact” undermined: -“so says hearsay” (23) -tells us something factual then takes that away from us -footnotes -to verify political history for us however in this play history is being destabilized as to what is actual fact -history not linear, monolithic (structural complications) -slipperiness of dates (eg. 26) -past “like an echo in his head” (11) -memories (11) -future in Act 1 is past in Act 2 (16, 26-27), connected by sound of violence -present trying to catch up with past (17, 19) -stage setting involves space and time literally in complicated combinations -void in history -Lucy and Brazil digging in great hole of history for family memories and heritage -multiple co-resent locations -doubling of characters; spatial ci-presence and suspension of historical time -this piece does not copy reality but creates a parallel universe with the vectors of race and power skewed Literary and Linguistic Play -“the masters tools will never dismantle the master’s house” Audre Lorde (1979) -langua
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