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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

Lecture Wed. Feb. 27 2013 Sylvia Plath -cross-genre comparisons -close reading of openings -reading biographically Writing the self into being In poetry and fiction -lady lazarus and the bell jar -similarities lady lazarus : out of the ash I rise with my red hair the bell jar: I am, I am , I am. (166) I am, I am, I am. (256) -writing the self into -female first person speaker(poem) and narrator(novel/story) -what happens to this voice?? -cyclical structure -woman undergoes multiple deaths and re-births, adopts multiple identities -women exposed to public scrutiny (sexualized) -woman defying gender conventions -woman for whom pain and power closely related -differences: genres -lady lazarus -poetry, lyrics poem, “confessional poetry” -free verse: poetry which does not conform to any metrical pattern, but uses line divisions which shape the rhythms of the language for specific ends -the bell jar -novel, social realism, Kunstlerroman -expressionism? (cf. invisible man) -differences: point of view -poetic speaker -compressed timeframe, no geographical location -intense, utterance of experience -linguistic concentration -first person fictional narrator -telling story over time and geographical space -narrative pacing of events -climax, suspense, denouement Close Reading of LL opening -compression, intensity -regular stanzas -triplets -sound effects -irregular rhyme, perfect (again/ten) to slant (ten/skin, foot/weight) -poem beings and ends with perfect rhyme -irregular rhythm or metre -enjambment (where a ling or stanza runs into the next) e.g. “one year in every ten…..i manage it) -alliteration (e.g. “f” sounds) -figures of speech/tropes -persona (biblical, historical, mythological) -simile to metaphor (stanza 2-3) -(layered and intensified forms of objectification: female personae embody and voice experience of exposure, death, rebirth) st Lecture Mar. 1 2013 Compression, intensity (possible interpretat
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