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The Wanderer

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ENGL 3560
Deborah Powell

The Wanderer pg 2527 o Written as we would write prose no short lines Highly structured verse but without rhyming and is not measured rhythm although rhythmico Lines 15 metudes MakerGod p thor d eth Half lines each a syntactic unit Alliterating sounds line 1 vowel sounds as 2 ms 3 ls 4 hs Relationship between stressed and unstressed syllables Alliterating sounds are the stressed syllableso Were going to be tying ideas together using a combination of stresses and initial soundso Structured but doesnt make it clear when the speaker is speaking quotations are just guesses Questions 1 What does this poem tell is about the culture in which it was produced What do we learn about this culture from this text Interested in how a text reflects that cultures values beliefs systems and how it seeks to shape its own culture ie how does it push back out at the culture 2 To what extent does this poem have a Christian message 3 If it has a Christian message is that message a consistent feature of the poem or has it been tacked ono Seems to be a time of change Strong sense of nostalgia for the past Discussion of memoryo Issues of fa
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