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The Dream of the Rood

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ENGL 3560
Deborah Powell

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The Dream of the Rood QUESTIONS 1 What does this poem tell us about the culture in which it was produced 2 This poem has a Christian message How is that message conveyed 3 How is the message of this poem the same as andor different from that of The Wanderer 4 What is the cultural function of the poem y An interest in Christ Many references to blood war Victory in death of Christ related to something about war The narrator wants that victory in death for himself too Christ and his followers all are seeking victory in death There is nobility in selfsacrifice the cross sacrifices himself for the greater good Symbolic associations of the whole Death and transcendence you transcend the body at death as a sign of moving on and becoming something greater We are all part of that same cycle that Christ is part of the whole y The cross actively participates dares not bow to the ground He has a desire to do something physically contrary to what he actually doesy A central issue of Christian faith One thing that Christianity brought to England was writing The first people to begin writing things down were monks To what extent
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