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Beowulf pt. 2

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ENGL 3560
Deborah Powell

thTuesday January 24 Beowulf lines 16513182ICW3 How has the poem prepared us for the ending of BeowulfFATE is fixed Also warning against pride God decides what will happen to each of us If God has this foreknowledge then does the individual have free will Beowulf is fated to die in fighting with the dragon Is it simply the way in which the poem is structured that causes him to be fated to die Is it bc everyone knows what the story is is that what drives his fate He is a glorious warrior so he must die in battle His 12 men flee the battle What does that say about him About his community He is not the kind of warrior who is able to make his men follow him into battle Is he even a good warrior then He leaves his people without a leader and just gold The strength of the community at the end of the poem Hrothgars community in the beginning is unable to defend itself for 12 years against Grendel and must buy their safety Not the kind of community that is revered Safety comes from within from the kingship structure He did not produce a successorheir Models in the po
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