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beowulf pt. 1

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ENGL 3560
Deborah Powell

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Thursday January19th Lecture Beowulf lines 11650 Questions 1 What does this poem tell us about the culture in which it was produced 2 To what extent was the culture that produced Beowulf Christian 3 How is the message of this poem the same as andor different from that of The Wanderer4 What is the role of women in Beowulf 5 How does the ending of the poem change our answers to these questionsth6 What is the purpose of history in Beowulf Jan 26Pagan environment and a Christian poem A warrior culture emphasis on the warrior Some segment of the population but not all were warriorsthought they were the best Lineage and family are incredibly importantThe supernatural and the unknown Grendel Beowulf evenbut there is also an interestsuspicion of and concern of the foreign or unknown Beowulf and his men are suspected by the foreman but
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