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Raymond Williams Continued

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ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

thWed January 18Lecture Notes Raymond Williams Continued Public transcriptdominant classto subordinatecontrol the dominant Classconsent Hidden transcriptopposition to the dominant off stage talk that responds to the dominant Counterhegemony termsconsent If you are the dominant you dont have to act It is the dominated that have to acthave to comply otherwise you can do whatever you want We might see resistance in things like smilingo This theatre of power may very well be actual political resource that there is agency in the actor that difference of flattery can sometimes be seen as artful manipulation and that artful manipulation is often collectiveo Hegemony is always already aware of opposition for alternative initiatives Counterhegemony and alternative hegemony oppositionreal and persistent elements of practice At any time alternative or directly oppositional politics and culture exist as significant elements in society They affect the hegemonic process itself and are indicative of what the hegemonic process has in practice had to work to control Any hegemonic process has to be especially alert and responsive to the alternatives and oppositions which question or threaten its dominance
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