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Pierre Bourdieu's Outline of a Theory of Practice

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Jade Ferguson

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thWed January 18 PIERRE BOURDIEU 19302002 Outline of a Theory of PracticeText Introduction Summaryo Modes of domination exist on a continuum They are constructed through practices institutions ad social spaces and must be analyzed precisely bc they are not rational and cannot be articulated He uses a materialist approach and while he draws on Marxist theory he attempts to avoid overdetermination of which some Marxist theorists are guiltyo All aspects of social life are infuses with power relations so the central question is not about the existence of violence in those aspects but about the degree to which they participate in or foster violence o He makes it possible to account for agency but avoid scapegoating by focusing on institutions and the habitus the range of practices which both group us together and differentiate us from each othero He asserts that one learns everything from habitus and practices which are limited by the ineffable doxa This makes it difficult to account for change or innovation His work might be strengthened by the possibility of participation in multiple habitus Lecture Notes Outline of a Theory of Practice o All individuals are the product of the same objective conditions and support the same habitus The habitus is the product of the work of inculcation and appropriation It is necessary in order for the products of collective history the objective structures which include language and economy to reproduce themselves as dispositions in the individuals subjected to the same material conditionso He is talking about any system of domination as violent These systems of power work to legitimate its use of violence y getting us to recognize it It works to legitimate it so that we misrecognize itso that its violence becomes legitimate it is not violence anymore if it is legitimate Misrecognition is false consciousness ideologyhabitus Habitus is ideology that these ideologies are material are embodied not just abstract as we would normally think of ideologyo Those within the same class move within the same habitus Even though we might experience it differently we still end up at the same end The habitus creates this consciousness for us that
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