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Fanon pt. 2

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University of Guelph
ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

Lecture Notes The Wretched of the Earth FRANTZ FANON o Keywords Decolonization individualism humanism subjectivity colonizer and colonized consciousness point of no return guilt envy aggression repression history diplomacy masculinity reparations Manicheaucompartmentalizedused to describe the colonial world Capitalism vs socialism later on the colonized intellectual the peasant the revolutionary masses violencenonviolence European opulence nationalismnationalistic political parties religiono Subjectivityconsciousness of the colonized The colonized is the creation of the colonizer Produces this Manichean colonial world Consciousness of the colonized is one in which he is inferior evil subhuman always guilty of something ashamed of something Guilty but doesnt accept his guilt or inferiority etc so the system is always unstable System says that the only way on which he will work is through brute force Needs brute force to maintain itselfo Compartmentalizedmanicheau There are 2 ordersdisorders that create 2 very different species The importance of maintaining border and boundaries Some of those boundaries are discursive some are real The colonial system works by brute force by maintaining these territorial
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