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Intro Frantz Fanon

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ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

FRANTZ FANON 192561 Concerning ViolenceLecture Notes o FrenchCaribbean Martiniquehe has experienced colonial racism victim of French colonial racismo Fought with the French army in WWII in Algeria and North Africa o Goes to France educated in medicine and psychiatrywrites BSWM o Goes back to Algeria and joins the FLN movementinvolvement as witness doctor writer and a diplomaticy Witness to the various kinds of atrocities going on by French colonists and the FLN etc Talked to various rebels about how they calm their nerves before assassinations how to physiologically maintain themselves through interrogation and torture as a psychiatristo Dictates WE in 1961 before he dies of leukemia in the VS dictated to his wife as a dying man more prophetic no policy on how things are going to be creation of a new manhuman is the accomplishment of the third world after colonizationo Description of a revolutionary wrath that is about to come Description of an apocalyptic coming Passionate plea Has been described by men as a Bible of decolonization Has a particular kind of universalism to it despite that it is about Northern Africa can be translated to a number of diff context Latin America the middle east etc About the use of vi
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