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Antonio Gramsci Lecture

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University of Guelph
ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

th4890 LectureMonday January 30 GramsciThe Prison Notebooks War of positionmovementundergroundGramsci is Preoccupied whether there will be a successful revolution and how it will happen Trotskys permanent revolution is not going to happen Gramsci explains 2 political strategies that need to be usedFrontal attack cannot work only destroys the outer perimeter of defense The war of manoeuvre is this frontal attack strategy is that of overthrowing the political society and military as a whole Rarely is victorious Talking about a war of movement A second strategy more gradual subversive is the war of position It is a progressive undermining of the trench systems earthwork of civil society 165 Gandhi is an example but it includes a war of movement and underground warfarea war of position is not merely an ideological struggle merely about reform it is just a necessary strategy that needs to take place in particular kinds of societies It is an ideological warfareIt is taking aim at ideological systemsthe private institutions such as the school and the churchSuperstructure the state broken into the political society coercion and the civil society consent they work together even thought they are separate When political institutions are established institutions working that are establishing ideological consent democratic structures you need to have a war of position It has to be the first phase before you can get at the State itself It still requires sacrifices by infinite masses of people S
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