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Hannah Arendt - Totalitarianism

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ENGL 4890
Jade Ferguson

HANNAH ARENDT Totalitarianism o REVIEW Gramsci and Foucaultnew type of humanity An interest in what counts as human or lifeliving LAW judicial prescription and understanding of what life is and how a judicial understanding of life is allied to STATE power G law and legislature defining the zones of living CALVINS the human race is a zone of living things that should be defined by tracing its constraints Arendt Under Hitler there is the absence of a worldview of human plurality LAW beyond narrow sense Gramsci 1 repressive 2 productivecreates normalization everyone is a legislatoro Critique throughout of the institution of educationtho New racial ideology by 19 C the relationship between colonizer and colonized has shifted and there is a need for a new racial ideology that justifies So second is a new type of personality that will actually go to Africa and kill people Extermination of natives at will This person is a creation of a democratic state change in social relations are changedbased on capitalism where we have a group of people who have no social ties anymore to Europe she sees ruthlessness created out of capitalism Third is the decline of the nation state Its ideological justifications are pushed to the limits what are the rights of man will it protect those in its colonies is the nation state a construct or something that works by force All of these things work together and form the totalitarian movement It is the boomerang of colonialism as mentioned in Fanon it is the same violence that is coming back It is the return of this type of personality that democracy created Totalitarianism is the boomerang effect the return of that violence that went outwards and has returned in t
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