ENGL 2740 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Wolfgang Iser

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21 Sep 2017
Readings Debrief
The Development of Children's Literature
Prompted thoughts on feminism
Who are the characters in children's lit.
Who are the authors in children's lit.
Evolution of the child
What place do children have in the concept of literature
Can be seen in required reading
Children's Lit and Children
What is the relationship between children's lit and children?
Building blocks for reading
Is this intentional or do adults find a lesson in the story
Dual Address
Intended for both the children and the adult
Implied Reader
Concept developed by Wolfgang Iser in order to reconceptualization of the
Now imagined as a role one plays as invited by the text
Where's Waldo
Reader is an active problem solver
A subject position that comes into being as one engages actively
What questions might we ask about specific texts using Iser's concept of the
implied reader as framework
When We Were Alone
The lack of definition of the Cree terms suggests that the implied
reader is ready and able to interpret
Relationship between text and pictures
Things that are said and done in a novel don't always match, the same
goes for text and pictures
What constitutes a valid interpretation?
Its not singular
Analysis of a text requires textual evidence
Authorial intention
Searching for the right answer
Multiple meanings can be pulled from a single reading
These can either support or contradict one another
1.1 Intro
Monday,*September* 11,*2017
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