Lecture Oct.26

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22 Nov 2011
October 26th Lecture
Wizard of Oz
-slippers are silver not red
-this book is not generally terrifying this is weird because characters get taken apart and
put back together
-life in kansas is grey, quiet, poor
-book is set up like dotty does not belong there, she is happy and funny and uncle is not
-part of the magic of oz is that it is lush and fertile compared to kansas
Relationship between Kansas and Oz
-kansas is the real work
-oz is surrounded by a dessert
-they are on the same plane of reality
-dorthy did not dream it up
-both worlds co-exist
American Farm Life
-adopted worthy for help on the farm
-who knows if they are actually related
-kansas "dryness" a lack of life, spark and playfulness
-wet and dry binary oppositions
-wicked witch of the west gets killed with a bucket of water, she does not like wetness
same with dorthys aunt
-talks about civilization of kansas vs. oz
-a civilized place once had magic but the idea of civilization zapped it out
-calls oz uncivilized
-witch puts civilization negatively
-irony of question about civilization i.e. is kansas the boring dry place a civilization?
Tin woodman's story pg.58
-tells story of what happens to him
-he looses his heart
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