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ENGL 2740 Lecture Notes - Binary Opposition

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ENGL 2740

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November 4th 2011 Lecture
The Uncanny
-an experience not necessarily a genre
-familiar <--> unfamiliar
-deja vu
-a bigger pattern that cannot be grasped
OED definitions
-careless, unreliable, uncomfortable, unfamiliar, strange
-hard, dangerous, unsafe
-both this and canny involve a feeling of the unknown
-canny has already hinted at some of these terms'
-uncanny has more negativity
-binary opposition, the collapse of this idea between these terms
OED definitions
-caution, worried, shrewd, knowing
-cunning, artful
-different perspective of the same qualities
-"canny wife, canny moment of childbirth"
-the sense of home
-womb is home
-origin of home
-the sequence of femininity, exclusion from men
-secretive, a special knowledge, can be pos and neg
-lucky, fortunate, prosperous
-prosperous - fertility
-some external pattern in the world that guides us
-careful, frugal, thrifty
-careful, cautions in motion or action…
-definition of what makes a good women
-quiet, easy, cozy, good, nice
-edges into the danger and secret knowledge
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