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ENGL 2740 Lecture Notes - When You Reach Me, Mikhail Bakhtin, Chronotope

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ENGL 2740

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November 18th 2011 Lecture
-this term is used to describe the way time and space are told in language and how
literature represents them
-Mikhail Bakhtin and the concept of "chronotope" (routledge companion 156-157)
-it is signifying and brings time and space together
-particular world, to a narrative
-we borrow this term from science for literary criticism almost as a metaphor
-setting conceived of in terms of space and time
-understood to be vitally important to the meaning of a text
-particular chronotopes seen as central to the history of the novel (such as "the road") or
to particular genres (such as "the castle" in the gothic novel)
E.g. What happens when "the road" is dominant?
-the road connects you to other places
-encountering new things etc.
-different experiences over time
-as time pass there will be range of encounters and change even if the main character
is still
-travel requires time except time travel
When You Reach Me
-the street (more specifically the streets between miranda's apartment building and
-setting in the conventionall sense
-as Bakhtinian chronotope
-setting = aspect of time
-she uses the street to get an idea of "what happened when" in her life (her time mark)
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