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ENGL 2740 Lecture Notes - Race Film

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ENGL 2740

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Notes Oct. 14th
Snow White Movie
First clip: beginning of film
-implied reader must be able to read to fairytale
-images, the knife is flagged
-the image of the storybook represents magic
-story is situated in a timeless manner
-the genre of the fairytale has a history and can be used to communicate gender, class
and race
-movie released in 1937
Next Clip: Introduction of snow white
-portrayals of gender
-prince is stereotypical, he can do what he wants, rode in on his white horse
-snow white is very timid and shy
-standing on the balcony is like romeo and juliet
-the doves are her friends, innocent white pure creatures, cute woodland animals
-her one wish is to get married and to find someone she loves
-prince was creepy and sudden and pushy
-he falls in love with her in rags
-queen is desexualized she is fully covered even her hair
-queen is surrounded by darkness (her clothes, castle, make up) and SW is in the light
and happiness and fair
-SW is 7 in the book, she is older in movie, she is still very childish, speaks in rhythm
Next Clip: When SW arrives at the cottage
-every detail is pre occupied with hygiene
-her energy is focused on cleaning
-she likes the prince and is already his
-Snow White** white: purity
-she is not very smart "oh its dark in their" so she goes in…
-during the cleaning, she becomes the mother to the baby animals
Next Clip: Dwarfs find SW in bedroom
-the movement of the dwarfs move in a wavy way
-she seek pleasure in doing chores
-portraying the dwarfs as midgets in this time not magical figures, they are beneath
-she does not see them as real men
-dwarfs are infatuated with her but use sees them as a joke, does not take them
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