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ENGL 3550 Lecture Notes - Quentin Compson, Narration, Unreliable Narrator

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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

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Monday Jan. 21st 2013 Lecture Notes
The sound and the fury
Narrative Techniques
-three first-person narrators and one omniscient narrator
-use of language
-experience of time
First person narrators
-Benjy Compson
-Quentin Compson (male)
-Jason Compson
-they are brothers
-there are familial lineages /heritages
-the individual is linked with the family biologically and through their names
-stream of conciseness techniques
-as communicated through
-moments when it is really helpful to know the term
-a sequence of simple clauses or sentences without expression of connections
or casual relations
-(syntx sentence structure, conjunctions joining clauses, simple sentences
vs. complex sentences)
-time works non-linearly for benjy
-by association (an action a sensation, a word, etc.)
-slipping from one period of time to another
-hypotaxis/hypotactic style
-connections (temporal, casual, logical, etc.) among clauses or sentences
explained by conjunctions (when, because, so, in order to, if this… then that, etc.) or
by subordinate phrases and clauses
Time Scheme In Section 1
-present: april 7 1928
-furthest past: playing in branch, Damuddy’s death-c.1900
-recent past: ride to cemetery with TP
-further pasts: Caddy coming from school just before xmas; Maury’s affair; Caddy’s
wedding day; after Caddy gone; B Castrated; Qf and Luster babies
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