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Lecture 8

ENGL 3880 Lecture 8: ENGL 3880 Lecture 8

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ENGL 3880
J Schacker

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
ENGL 3880: Lecture 8
Winnie the Pooh !
-Theorizing Concepts !
-Sentient Toys, cont’d!
-Innocence and Play !
Use terms in everyday speech and parlance!
Innocence !
-In general sense, what do we associate with innocence?!
Children - ideological !
Imagery: whiteness !
Understand in terms of opposite - naive? vs Knowledge? !
-Goodness? Vs Sin/Guilt!
-Genuine without artifice !
-If we associate innocence with nurture and protection - need to be protected !
Impact policy, behaviour, and become underpinnings !
Power dynamics - need for protector with protected - social relationships and
networks of power !
-Once lose innocence, can’t get back !
Historicized, childhood not always seen as time of innocence, fact that can be
lost, idealized !
-Lost of innocence happens, can’t define how it happens !
-Lot of trouble defining what entails or means !
-Those who don’t have it - view other part of population that doesn’t? Or way of
adults defining childhood? !
-When would we lose innocence?!
What is level of competence and awareness that will diminish innocence? !

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
-Children who see war, are they no longer innocent? Those who experience
sexuality? !
-Hard to be curious and not see things in world !
Adult fantasy? !
-Matters more to adults than children?!
-What do we think of play in everyday?!
Shrugging responsibility? Negative sense - what not doing!
Imagination - in relation to reality and responsibility !
-Culturally based - associated with work and reality !
Fun, leisure?? !
Theatre !
-Performance !
-Creation? Acting? Falsehood ?!
Play sports? Social interaction? And play things that get commercialized?!
-Childhood - children have a right to play !
Play as responsibility for child? !
-Learning takes place through mimicry? Learning occurs through play? !
Easy to slip into general notions - need to be really specific on what mean !
Sense of play and innocence in Winnie the Pooh… !
-Velveteen Rabbit !
Authority figures !
-Boy !
Both companions but boy leads !
-Doctor !
Can override nana !
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