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Raymond Williams

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Jade Ferguson

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thMon January 16 RAYMOND WILLIAMS Keywords Marxism and LiteratureText Summary Introduction o Early writings concept of culture as a whole way of life Then as a process of production ie cultural materialism o Concept of structure of feelinga component of the lived experience of a community that is above and beyond its experience of social institutions and ideologyan experience which resides primarily in things such as everyday seemingly mundane personal interactions and relationships In Marxism and Literature Williams redefines structure of feeling as a structure of social experience that lies somewhere between the articulated and the lived experience of a community It is this concept that constituted his attack on the structuralist and poststructuralist paradigmo In Keywords he reviews the various historical usages of the term violenceLecture NotesKeywords o Primary sense is physical assault i General sense is the use of physical force ii but only regarding unauthorized uses ie Armywar prefer words such as force defense restoring order police violence Force comes from a distance It you are a terrorist that uses a bomb physical force is called violence and if you are a government it is called defense Our definition of violence is mediated by the dichotomy of legitimate and illegitimateo Dramatization of acts iii Violence on television meaning the dramatic portrayal of violent events Violence can take place on television and this is also a different context in which we understand it By watchingconsuming it you are participating in ito Difficult when we try to distinguish violence as threat iv Threat of physical violence only one kindo Violence as unruly behaviour v Strong emotional power in this Beyond the physical Violence is simultaneously real and symbolic Eg policeman standing in front of a group of rioters with agun Symbolic threat just as powerful as shooting someone The symbolic is often more powerful than the realo Student violence can be i ii iv and vo Intensevehement vi Longstanding interaction between violence and violation Also in English as with violently in love Moving to more symbolic or discursive elements of violence
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