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ENGG 2100
John Runciman

Management Tools: • Used throughout the design process • Used primarily for tracking the project timeline and budget issues • Critical path network approach and Gantt charts are commonly used • Virtually project stages benefit from the attention paid to this concept Communication tools: • Used throughout the design process • Used for team management,technical coordination and marketing • Written,Illustrated,animated presented • Word,powerpoints,Emails,webpages etc • Virtually project stages benefit from the attention paid to this concept too Sketches: • Used primarily in the first half of the design process • Quick and dirty • Used to discuss an idea or concept • Low overhead so that you can draw one anywhere • Isometric perspective often best. • Should be signed and dated.They are the legal individual documents. • A key element in almost every development project 3D Modeling: • Middle phase of design process • Labour intensive • Flexibility and potential • Discuss new ideas and components of design • Marketing ideas and projects • Production-tool path generation and 2D drawing generation • ergonomic evaluation-rendering • Rapid prototype creation • testing ideas and strcutural loading Benefits of team work: • Common purpose/vision • reduces the repetition of work • distributes the workload • utilizes the strengths of the team members effectively • makes better decisions • generates ownership • generates diversity of ideas: The best ideas come from various sources • creates an atmosphere of competition • The sum of the team is greater than the sum of the parts Factors affecting the team work: • The leader • members • group dynamics • project • resources • external pressures • etc. Objectives of groups: • To acquire expertise beyond an individual • To develop more than one perspective • To engage a group of individual group members Basic functions of groups: Content: proposing and discussi
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