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ENGG 2100
John Runciman

Tips for chairing a meeting: 1. Open the meeting with a short summary of the objectives 2. Quickly review any business from the previous meeting. 3. Consistently use appropriate “rules of order” for meeting. Roberson’s Rules of order(1915),most referenced source Less formal meetings means a less formal rules for order Chair always controls who speaks Motions are made and seconded by attendees Discussion on motions is controlled by chair Repeat any motions to ensure that everyone has heard End meeting with a summary of what was accomplished Stick to the agenda Get to know the attendees before the meeting Start and end on time Active meeting participants are more likely to complete assigned tasks Attach “action items” to all assigned tasks with attendee responsible and date required for completion Arrange next meeting with everyone present. Summarize discussions and decisions List possible items for next meeting Ensure all decisions are recorded in writing End on a positive note Dealing with trouble makers: As a chair you are responsible to the group, so that time is well … It is important to not just ``cope``with a troublemaker, when the occasion arises,you must sometimes deal with them very firmly. Dealing with trouble makers…The “Dominator” Description: always right,plow over people,arrogant Attendees: standup for yourself Chair: Don’t let balance of power to swing to the “Dominator” Watch for disinterest from other attendees and move on if necessary Dealing with trouble m
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