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University of Guelph
ENGG 2100
John Runciman

Brainstormin by Design: How do u make it happen? Examine design requirements from all sides Do we need to expand or broaden our perspective? Are there existing ideas or technology that might be suitable for transplantation? Do we need more information? Take in all ideas…however crazy The time for thoughtful reflection comes later. Negativism or criticism will kill participation and productivity During brainstorming the ultimate goal is to encourage contributions, however crazy, from everyone At this point, many ideas are better than one or two. Explore the limits and beyond The tinme for eliminating or trimming comes later Look for alternative perspectives Look for the unusual Look for crossover to other projects or technologies Put them on the table for the group to work with Environment matters… How can an individual be most creative if immersed in a noncreative environment? Where would you rather work? The most creative people are creative. In most aspects of their lives, creative people practice the art of being creative… whether they realize it or not Brainstorming by Design Encouraging participation is often the hardest part Apprehension of being criticized for “crazy´or worthless ideas will inhibit many individuals from act
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